Gemstones a - f


Blue-Lace Agate - A healing stone, bringing peace of mind and spiritual calming

Botswana Agate - A stone that encourages problem solving, creativity, and spiritual balancing

Fire Agate - A stone bringing calming, security and stress relief

Moss Agate - This is a stabilizing stone

Tree Agate - This is a stone of plentitude

Amber - Amber increases intuition, calming and spiritual protection.  It also facilitates decision making

Amethyst - Increases intuition, calming and spiritual protection.  Amethyst also facilitates decision making

Ametrine - A powerful meditation stone, inspiring creativity

Amzonite - Helps to balance emotions and provides inspiration

Angelite - A stone bringing calm and peace

Apatite - Helps to clear confusion and provides spiritual balance

Aquamarine - A stone that reduces stress and boosts self-courage

Green Aventurine - A stone associated with good fortune, friendship, abundance, and prosperity


Bloodstone - Increases determination as well as staying true to yourdelf


Orange Calcite - Increases confidence, enhances and increases motivation

Yellow Calcite - This stone increases self-esteem and aids in over coming sorrow

Blue Calcite - A transformation stone that reduces stress

Carnelian - A stone that increases motivation, leadership and courage

ChalcedonyAids in personal growth, joy and kindness as well as balancing emotions

Chrysoprase Increases love and joy and encourages forgiveness of yourself as well as others

CitrineAids in improving personal power, happiness, strength, and thought

CopperCopper provides alignment and amplification, and is said to carry stone energy the way it carries electricity.  It can provide love, balance and artistic creativity


Diamond Provides balance, clarity and increases inner strength



FlouriteA stone used to balance and stabilize emotions as well as protecting against stress


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