Gemstones G - L


GarnetA stone that improves passion and joy while energizing.  It also protects against stress


Hawk's Eye - This is a form of Tiger's Eye that clears and energizes.  It provides good grounding energies

HematiteThis stone supports hopes and dreams, wishes and desires

HowliteIncreases patience and peace while relieving stress and anxiety



JadeA stone that attracts money, love and friendship

Brecciated JasperThis is a protection stone emphasizing protection for travelers

Desert JasperThis is a stone of exuberance, vitality and vibrancy

Fancy JasperA stone that provides clarity, healing and tranquility

Green JasperA stone of balance, encouraging and accepting

Ocean JasperThis is the stone of Atlantis.  It alleviates stress and anxiety

Picasso JasperThis stone is used to increase creativity, will power and self-discipline

Picture JasperThis Jasper improves creativity, energy and strength


KyaniteHelps to alleviate stress, anger and anxiety


Labradorite - A stone to increase determination, motivation and attention

Lapis LazuliThis stone brings clarity, objectivity and cmpassion

LarimarThis stone brings serenity while promoting relaxation.  It can cool the temper.  Laramar combines the energies from the sea and sky


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