Gemstones M - R


MagnesiteA stone that provides peace, love, purification, as well as a positive attitude toward life

MalachiteA stone of transformation, assisting in dealing with times of change

MookaliteEncourages versatility

MoonstoneA stone of hope and self-knowledge



ObsidianBrings clarity, protection and compassion.  Obsidian is a highly protective stone

Snowflake ObsidianRepresents purity, persistence in difficult times while gently protecting and providing solid grounding

OnyxA stone that increases determination, strength and concentration

OpalThis is a stone of inspiration, enhancing imagination and creativity


PeridotA stone that provides harmony and compassion

Petrified WoodSupports increasing strength and vitality.  It is a stone of patience, allowing slow and steady growth

PrehniteThis stone promotes peace and calm while opening the mind


QuartzThis is the most powerful healing stone on earth while amplifying energy.  It is known as the "Master Healer"

Rose QuartzThis stone represents love, gentleness, emotional healing, trust and hope

Rutilated QuartzThis is a powerful healing stone that strengthens will power and motivation

Smokey QuartzThis stone provides grounding and protection while helping one move forward

Tourmalinated QuartzThis stone brings together the energies of quartz and tourmaline.  It deflects negative energy and represents a powerful good fortune charm


Red CoralThe Red Coral attracts love, prosperity, peace and strength

RhodochrositeA stone that aids in self-love, compassion and stress related issues

RhodoniteIncreases confidence, soothes heartache, encourages forgiveness, increases compassion and helps to reduce stress

Rhyolite - This stone provides a spark for creative energies, as well as providing hope, happiness and joyfulness


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