Gemstones S - Z



SardonyxA stone to increase will power and strengthen character


SodaliteProvides balance and serves to calm panic attacks


SunstoneLike the sun from which it gets its' name, this stone lifts dark moods, allowing self-healing.  A wonderful resource for dealing with seasonal disorders


Tigers Eye.jpg

Tiger's EyeA stone that heals self worth, reduces self-criticism and balances Yin and Yang energies

Blue Tigers Eye.jpg

Blue Tiger's EyeThis stone is calming and helps to relieve stress

Red Tigers Eye.jpg

Red Tiger's EyeA stimulation stone, providing motivation and overcoming lethargy


Black TourmalineThis is a highly protective stone, changing negative energy into positive energy.  It is a strong grounding stone

Green tourmaline.jpg

Green Tourmaline - This stone connects one with nature, helping one to be optimistic and to be grateful

Pink tourmaline.jpg

Pink Tourmaline - This stone connects one to wisdom and passion, while promoting peace and relax

Purple_Violet tourmaline.jpg

Purple or Violet Tourmaline - This stone can reduce depression and stimulate creativity

Watermelon tourmaline.jpg

Watermelon Tourmaline - This stone instills patience, inner security as well as love and tenderness


TurquoiseAn excellent stone for overcoming exhaustion, depression and panic attacks while instilling inner calm



Unakite - This stone provides a nurturing, harmonizing, determined resilience.  It can alleviate feelings of being overwhelmed

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